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Live Your Dream

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What do you inspire to be when you grow up? I had been ask that questions so many times, as a little girl. Were you ever asked those questions? I am quite sure you have been asked this question. As, I think on the many times the question was asked to what my responses were, which I would say I wanted to be a singer, architecture, designer, and a nurse. I really loved singing I grew up around singing, drawing homes and constructing them out of cardboard boxes, cutting/pasting pictures of furniture from the Sear Roebuck catalog and doing interior designing of my doll houses. Then I refocus my dream on becoming a nurse, because of Diahann Carroll's character as Julia in the sitcom I would watch on television.

I remember one of my biggest dreams was to become an author. I love reading books, writing and l loved journaling in my journal. Whenever our class had the opportunity to go to the library, I would make sure one of my favorite books to check out was Little House In The Big Wood by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book would captivate my mind about the little girl in the book and how she grew up when times were different, they had to burn candles for lighting, chop wood and gather their water from the river. It was completely different than the way I lived; it was more similar to how my parents grew up. Then I would check out detective novels the kind that solved the who-done-it type of stories. Then I would bury myself reading the Nancy Drew mystery books. Then I was totally crazy about all types of comic books.

As I read those different books, I would always dream that one day I would have a novel on the bookshelves that would cause someone to check out or purchase; when they read it would take a person on imaginary journey in their mind.

My dream did not happen in my teens, twenties, thirties, or forties. It happens in my fifties. The second half of my life, how funny! I was 57 years of age, when my dreams finally manifested itself. I had started listening to Terry Savelle Foy, and she stated, "You are never to old, and start where you are." I seriously thought I was over the hill; done for it to be living out my dream. A little voice in my head would say "look at yourself, no book yet!" I would have conversations with different people, and we would always talk about what we desire in our life to be or do. I had started sounding like a broken record, until it happens in 2019, when my first book hit the presses for release. I could not believe it when I saw the sample copy of what the book looked like and seeing my picture on the front cover of a collaborative co-authored book with other women.

Now I ask you that same questions. What do you inspire to be when you grow up? An author was my dream, and it happened. What is your dream? This is where you pronounce over your life what it is you desire to dream or be.

The reality of finally becoming an author and holding that tangible book in my hand, made me realize to never stop dreaming. I encourage you as a reader of my blog to never stop dreaming as well. It may not happen when you want it to happen, but it will happen if you only believe.

No matter how small, medium, or large the dream is that you have buried in your heart, keep putting the wood on the fire until it happens. Again, never stop believing you can Live Your Dream.

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