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Evelyn Joy Johnson 

Evelyn Johnson, is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, singer, preacher's daughter, mom and wife. Evelyn is married to Aaron Johnson,  and was blessed with one son (Aaron Chris).  Evelyn, earned her Associate of Art in Communication Field of Study, in December 2020 the year of the Pandemic.

On January 22, 2018, she had a stroke, she lost the use of her left arm, her left side of her face had drooped; and she was drooling saliva everywhere.  However, she was not left disabled from her stroke, and fully recovered remarkably by the Grace of God.  In that same year and month, while Evelyn was having a stroke, her mother  was in the hospital at the same time, suffering from colon cancer and congestive heart failure.  Evelyn, felt so guilty, because she was unable to visit her mother; while she was recuperating from her stroke.   After her healing from her stroke, she regained strength to visit her mother.  However, her mother Rosie V. Thomas, passed on June 3, 2018, it was the most devastating event in her life.  She, felt like she did not have any more reason or purpose to live or fulfill her destiny.  However, she knew there more in her life to give.


However, in July 2018 she received an email from a friend she had not spoken to in 2 years, asking her to participate in a collaborative upcoming book writing project, which involved joining other wonderful women.  Evelyn, initially wanted to decline the offer, but her inner voice (spirit) kept tugging on her to say yes!  And eventually, she replied back to her friend; said yes, and accepted the offer.    

Evelyn, said her first book is very special to her, because she wrote from the place of grief and pain that had gripped her when her mother passed. 


The first book helped her unlock her thoughts about the "power of the tongue" and the power of words.  It helped her tremendously, when she remembered hearing  influential words spoken over her life; which had change her life for the better.  Especially, the many spoken words she received over her life from her recently departed mother.  There were people she had came in contact with on this earthly journey, that had made an great impact in her life; not only by their presence alone. It was many times by the strength of their words.  


Evelyn, in turn has spoken words of encouragement to others to help them along their journey.  She, loves how words can provoke change in people and realize how words could cause pain and destruction. Evelyn, is so proud she was given this opportunity to share her thoughts in this book. 

Evelyn's passion is to help others by mentoring, encouraging, and empowering individuals, women and men to learn to tap into that place where their gifts lay in wait to be manifested.   Evelyn, realized she had many  gifts waiting to be stirred, but she was to quiet, shy, and very non assertive.  Evelyn, knew writing and speaking was inside of her and it kept tugging at heart to become more assertive.  When she heard the words spoken "Speak up or Talk up"!  This was her confirmation to keep stirring up her gifts.  One of her favorite scriptures read "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." Proverbs 18:16. 

Evelyn, is now working in her gifts and will keep doing so!

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